Formulated with innovative technologies

(lamellar structures, transparent gels and sprays and pure mineral formulations)

Sun protection gels with innovative lamellar structures
  • Ultrasun products are absorbed rapidly without leaving any residue.
  • They bind perfectly to the stratum corneum because they are very similar to the natural membrane lipids.
  • They offer long-lasting protection and strengthen the natural skin barrier.
  • Lamellar structures make it possible to use lower UV filter concentrations for the same high protection factor.
Ultrasun gel sunscreen with lamellar structures: ©: light microscope, production October 2019, scale 1:100
Ultrasun products bind to the stratum corneum:

Van Hoogevest P, Prusseit B, Wajda R (2013) Phospholipids: natural functional ingredients and actives for cosmetic products. Int J Appl Sci 138:182–188

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